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Ajax Handler

@MWP\WordPress\AjaxHandler( action="ajax_action_name", for={"users","guests"} )

Using this annotation will register your function as a callback for an ajax call. It can be configured to respond to both logged in and guest users.


action="ajax_action_name" (required) – The ‘action’ ajax parameter that is needed to invoke the callback
for={"users","guests"} (optional) / {default: “users”, “guests”} – The type of users who can access the callback


 * Return the current users member id
 * @MWP\WordPress\AjaxHandler( action="get_my_userid" )
 * @return  void
public function respondWithUserID()
    // Send user id, or 0 if user is not logged in
    wp_send_json( get_current_user_id() );
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