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The singleton is an important and frequently used design pattern. It ensures that only one instance of a given class can exist, and it provides an easy way to access that instance from anywhere. A singleton protects against multiple copies of a class being created, either purposely or inadvertently. It should be used any time that it makes sense for a given class to only ever have one instance of itself in circulation.

To implement the singleton design pattern:

  • Extend the MWP\Framework\Pattern\Singleton base class
  • Make sure to define the protected static $_instance property inside your class.

@Example Code

namespace VendorName\PackageName;
use MWP\Framework\Pattern\Singleton;

class MyClass extends Singleton
     * @var object    All singletons must define this property
    protected static $_instance;

     * Initialize
     * @return    void
    protected function constructed()
        // optional initialization routine when the instance is first constructed

@Static Method Reference


To access your singleton instance from anywhere, use:

use VendorName\PackageName\SingletonClass;
$instance = SingletonClass::instance();
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