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$ wp mwp create-plugin <name>

This command will create a new plugin for you to begin working on. It will copy and customize the boilerplate plugin into a new plugin directory. This command requires that you have already downloaded a boilerplate package using the wp mwp update-boilerplate command.


<name> (required) The name of the plugin
--vendor=<vendor> (optional) The plugin vendor name (Default: “MWP Framework”)
--namespace=<namespace> (optional) Vendor\Package namespace (Default: @autogenerated)
--slug=<slug> (optional) The plugin slug/directory (Default: @autogenerated)
--description=<description> (optional) The plugin description
--author=<author> (optional) The plugin author name
--author_url=<author_url> (optional) The author website url
--plugin_url=<plugin_url> (optional) The plugin website url


$ wp mwp create-plugin "Plugin Name" --vendor="My Company" \
--author="My Name" --description="A brand new plugin." --namespace="AcmeCompany\Gizmo"
Creating plugin...
Plugin successfully created in 'acmecompany-gizmo'.

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