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Your plugin includes a boilerplate settings class that you can use to easily add a new settings to your plugin. It’s located at plugin-dir/classes/Settings.php.

@Add A New Setting

Here we are adding a setting named ‘setting1’ using annotations.

 * ...
 * @Wordpress\Options\Field( name="setting1", type="text", title="Setting 1", default="Hello Dollie." )
class Settings extends \MWP\Framework\Plugin\Settings

@Example Code

The following code demonstrates how to retrieve a setting from your plugin code.

use VendorName\PackageName\Plugin;

$plugin = Plugin::instance();
$setting_value = $plugin->getSetting( 'setting1' );

if ( $setting_value == 'Hello Dollie.' ) {
    /* Manually save a new setting */
    $plugin->setSetting( 'setting2', 'Hello Dandy.' );
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