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You can write unit and integration tests for your plugin by following the example test case in the boilerplate located at plugin-dir/tests/test-plugin.php. Tests can all be added to the provided test class, or new test classes with individual test cases can be created and placed in the /tests subfolder of your plugin.

To run the tests, you will use the WP CLI and the testing framework. More information can be found at https://make.wordpress.org/cli/handbook/plugin-unit-tests/.

To set up the testing scaffolding, use:

$ wp scaffold plugin-tests myplugin-slug
$ cd $(wp plugin path myplugin-slug --dir)
$ bin/install-wp-tests.sh wordpress_test root '' localhost latest

  • wordpress_test is the name of your test database (all data will be deleted!)
  • root is the MySQL user name
  • ” is the MySQL user password
  • localhost is the MySQL server host
  • latest is the wordpress version

You must also have the standalone mwp framework present in the development environment for the plugin you are testing. It must be in the /plugins/mwp-framework directory.

After your testing environment has been set up, you simply need to run phpunit from the working directory of your plugin.

$ cd $(wp plugin path myplugin-slug --dir)
$ phpunit

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