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mwp.model Model manager

Models are used to encapsulate your data and assign behaviors to it. A model is conceptually equivalent to a class, which you use to create new instances of objects that inherit your model methods.

Every model extends the core Backbone.Model class and therefore inherits all of the documented behaviors of a Backbone.js model in addition to some extra functionality provided by the MWP Javascript Framework.


mwp.model( name, properties, classProperties ) Define a new class
mwp.model.get( name ) Get a model class
mwp.model.set( name, model ) Set (override) a model class explicitly

var AcmeWidget = mwp.model( 'acme-widget', {
    getFormalName: function() {
        return 'Mr. ' + this.get('name');

var widget = new AcmeWidget({ name: 'Clean' });

console.log( widget.getFormalName() ); // Mr. Clean
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