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Installation & Setup

Install WP CLI

Before you start, make sure you have downloaded and installed the WP CLI to your system path.

Install WordPress

If you don’t already have a WordPress installation to develop your plugin on, you can install a fresh copy using the CLI. If you already have a local copy running, you can skip this step.

$ wp core download
$ wp core config --dbname --dbuser --dbhost --dbpass
$ wp core install --url --title --admin_user --admin_email

Install the Framework

Install the MWP Application Framework using the CLI.

$ wp plugin install https://github.com/codefarma/mwp-framework/raw/master-2.x/builds/mwp-framework-stable.zip --activate --force

Note: If installing to a multisite, use --activate-network instead of --activate on the command line.

Enable Development Mode

After the framework has been downloaded and installed as a standalone plugin, you will need to activate developer mode to bypass certain caching mechanisms.

$ wp mwp developer activate

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