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Create A Plugin

You can quickly bootstrap new plugin projects using the boilerplate template. First, make sure you have downloaded the most recent boilerplate code.

$ wp mwp update-boilerplate

Simply use the CLI to create a new plugin.

$ wp mwp create-plugin "Awesome New Plugin" --vendor="My Company" --author="My Name"

The following parameters can be specified on the command line to customize how your plugin code is created.

--vendor The name of the company or organization maintaining the plugin
--plugin-url The url to the project page for the plugin
--author The name of the plugin author
--author-url The url to the author profile
--description The description of what the plugin does
--slug The directory where the plugin will be installed
--namespace A custom namespace in the format of Vendor\Project

Walkthrough Tutorial

A complete example walkthrough for creating a Todo List plugin has also been published to GitHub:

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