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Rules User Guide

Automation Rules is a plugin that allows site administrators to automate new features and processes for any WordPress site through the use of simple “rules”.

What Is A Rule?

An individual rule consists of an event, some conditions to check, and one or more actions to take. It is the building block for creating automations, and automations are the path to creating new custom site features by connecting various “automation ready” plugins and their behaviors in new ways.

The possibilities of what you can automate is only limited by your imagination (or the number of “automation ready” plugins you have installed on your site). If you want to automate features of a plugin that is not yet automation ready, that’s not a problem because an expansion pack can easily be created to make it automation ready.

What Are Automation Bundles?

Multiple “rules” are grouped together into “automation bundles”, which is a convenient way to package and share new features with other site owners. These “automation bundles” allow anybody to create customized behaviors between automation ready plugins, and distribute those in a way that allow others to use them with minimal configuration.

What Is “Automation Ready”?

Automation ready is a term that we use to describe the flexibility of an existing plugin or theme to have parts of its behavior automated using rules.

The Automation Rules engine itself contains a documented and open api, which allows it to be easily told about new events, conditions, or actions. So for plugin authors, you can register your own ECA’s (events/conditions/actions) to make your plugins “automation ready” with minimal effort.

The obvious benefit of being “automation ready” is that you do not have to maintain support with plugins A to Z in order to be integrated with plugins A to Z. You only need to maintain support for your own ECA pack.

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